Expanding Support for Sexual Assault Survivors

A new trauma-informed program at USC Student Health offers personalized support for USC students.

“We’re on call 24/7. We’ll go to the hospital with you; go to court with you; help if you need help navigating social services or seeking financial assistance,” says Katt Morales. “We are 100% confidential and we are survivor-centered.” Morales, one of vide new advocates, recently moved into this role after having served as a Student Health call center responder. “Everything we assist with is based on the decisions the survivor makes. We are here to help them with the healing process.”

The program is the latest in a series of enhancements to USC Student Health services in the last few years, including a systemwide transition to trauma-informed care and leading-edge prevention efforts such as affirmative consent workshops required for all new undergraduate students.

Morales, who is now pursuing her master’s degree in public health, believes the advocate program is an enormous step forward for USC.

“This institution is huge and there are actually a ton of resources, but many students aren’t aware of them. And it’s hard to navigate all of it when this is the first time that you’re on your own without your parents and then you’re going through trauma,” she said. “Students will find advocates more personalized than other resources. We’ll go with them anywhere.”

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