Update on COVID-19 Procedures (5/2/22)

In keeping with the state and county’s revised definition of “close contact” (someone sharing the same indoor space for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period) the university is revising its COVID-19 notification practices. This change is needed to ensure compliance with the new definition.

Beginning on Wednesday, May 4, all currently enrolled students and all university employees will receive a daily email message with an update on reported cases. A sample message is attached. The message contains a link to the daily report of cases, and instructions for individuals who believe that they have been in close contact with a positive individual.

Sarah Van Orman awarded Presidential Medallion for advancing USC’s values in the field of student health

Dr. Sarah Van Orman

After working in university health care for most of her professional career, Sarah Van Orman was well prepared for her role when she arrived at USC in 2017. Even so, the COVID-19 pandemic would put her and her department to the test.

With calm and perseverance, Van Orman has led USC Student Health throughout these difficulties, earning her a Presidential Medallion.

“To say that Student Health at USC has had a challenging five years is an understatement,” Van Orman said, “I am extremely proud of the staff at Student Health and their ability to be resilient through the unprecedented demands related to mental health and navigating a pandemic.”

“I am extremely proud of the staff at Student Health, their ability to be resilient, grow, and continue to enhance the care that we’re providing,” she said.

Checklist for Summer

As we near the end of the academic year, we would like to share some reminders to keep your health on track over the summer.
✅ Continuing Summer Health Care (available to all USC students, including May 2022 graduates). For students who are in Los Angeles for the summer (or will be in other regions of California, and would like to continue through Telehealth visits), signing up for the Summer Health Fee can provide you the same access to USC Student Health services that you have during the academic year.
✅ Health Insurance Continuity for Graduating Students. Your SHIP/Aetna coverage continues through August 14, 2022.
✅ Immunizations. Complete any outstanding immunization requirements.
✅ Safely discard drugs before you leave for the Summer.
✅ COVID-19 testing. Test before traveling, and don’t travel if you are sick.
☀️ Wear Sunscreen

“Black Men Will” summit creates community support

Organizers of the Black Men Will Summit Organizers of the USC “Black Men Will” Summit Event. April 1, 2022.The day-long USC “Black Men Will” summit event, conceptualized by Dr. Dakari Quimby, clinician in Counseling and Mental Health Services in Student Health, and assistant clinical professor in Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences, was an opportunity to re-affirm belonging for Black men at USC, creating a space that supports mental well-being and community connection. The event was co-sponsored by the Center for Black Cultural and Student Affairs.

“Sexual Citizens” Discussion during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Throughout April, we will demonstrate our heartfelt commitment to empower survivors with activities that support their resilience, hope, and healing, and we encourage our community to learn more about this topic to increase awareness, prevention, and knowledge.
As we begin Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#usc_saam), we are writing to invite you to a public discussion framed around the concept of “sexual citizens.” The idea comes out of the most comprehensive study to date of sexual assault on campus conducted by the Sexual Health Initiative to Foster Transformation (SHIFT) at Columbia University. Columbia professors and authors of the groundbreaking book, “Sexual Citizens: Sex, Power and Assault on Campus,” Jennifer S. Hirsch and Shamus Khan will be on hand to share powerful insights from their work.

Trojan Check no longer required as of 4/4/22

As of April 4, 2022 (Monday), USC campuses will no longer require Trojan Check for access to campuses. Perimeter check at the UPC campus will be discontinued on that date. All faculty, staff, and students should continue to check their symptoms whenever coming to campus. The Trojan Check wellness assessment will remain available as a helpful tool to complete this. Read more about masking, second boosters, symptom checks, and testing.

Gender-Affirming Care: A Physician’s Perspective

Essay from Dr. Patty Pinanong: Today we celebrate the resilience and success of our gender diverse (trans+) community. Through allyship, the medical community would like to explore how to be a meaningful resource and source of support. When people think about seeing a health care provider, they may focus on an immediate issue.  At Student Health, this could be a tumble off a skateboard, an asthma attack, or other symptoms that might lead to a diagnosis and treatment. Yet patients are more than a collection of their anatomical parts.  As medical providers, we strive to see the whole person in front of us and support their journey to take charge of their health and wellness.

USC Student Health, part of Keck Medicine of USC, Earns Top Score in Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2022 Healthcare Equality Index

USC Student Health is unique as one of a select group of college health providers to earn the coveted “LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Leader” designation. The new designation for USC’s college health provider—USC Student Health—further underscores the university’s commitment to serving the LGBTQ+ community. “Through our ongoing work to provide the best services and patient experience to USC students, we are proud to implement policies, training, education, and community outreach to ensure that all patients and clients feel safe, supported, and respected as they seek care,” says Dr. Sarah Van Orman, chief health officer for USC Student Health. “The lived experiences of LGBTQ+ community members may create hesitation or avoidance of medical care and mental health support, and as providers, we will continue to work to ensure that all our patients and clients feel empowered to seek the care they need and deserve.”