When the USC Student Health contact tracing team member contacts you, they are only focused on one thing: keeping you healthy, and keeping your friends and co-workers safe from COVID-19. Team members who are health professionals will ask about your symptoms, and about others you may have had close contact with during the time you may have been infectious.

Your patient privacy matters to USC Student Health. Your name will not be shared with those who are notified.

Health concerns come first.


The contact tracing team is comprised of health professionals who may ask who you have had close contact with and the type of contact involved.

Information gathered during this interview is not shared with student conduct teams at the university.

  • Testing through USC Student Health is the fastest way to quickly contain spread of illness, testing outside of USC means the contact tracing team does not receive information that is important in keeping COVID-19 from spreading at USC.
  • You can help the contact tracing team keep your friends and community safe by calling 213-740-9355 (WELL) if you become ill  or exposed. You can also contact the COVID-19 hotline with questions, 7 days a week, 213-740-6291, or email covid19@usc.edu.


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