Building a Culture of Consent: Community Message

Building a culture of consent is a fundamental step in eliminating sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and gender-based harm in our campus communities.

As the 2019 Task Force Report on this subject found, “Transforming an institutional campus culture that celebrates integrity, respect, trust and achievement will take our collective resolve to fully realize.”

Every member of our USC student community is expected to understand that clearly obtaining consent in relationships and intimate encounters is the norm. Respect for others, including respect for self-identified genders, and sexual respect and acknowledging boundaries, is how Trojans treat each other.

Nasal Swab: How-To-Guide

Nasal swabs are an easy and painless collection method for COVID-19 testing. No preparation is necessary, other than making an appointment through MySHR. See the… Read more »

8/2 COVID-19 Safety Updates for In-Person Activities

The university has launched a new version of our mandatory “Hygiene Health and Safety” training forstudents (HHS student edition, which includes information relevant to student employees) and for faculty and staff (HHS employee edition). Please take 10-15 minutes to complete this online module in Trojan Learn. This is required for all students, faculty, and university staff. COVID-19 testing for students—All USC students will be required to arrange for COVID-19 testing within 3 days of arrival to Los Angeles. Your first test must be completed by August 20 or your Trojan Check will be non-compliant.