List of Accepted Vaccines

The following FDA-approved (emergency use authorization, EUA) vaccines are accepted for meeting COVID-19 vaccine requirements: Pfizer Moderna Johnson & Johnson/Janssen The following WHO-approved (emergency use… Read more »

“Ask A Doc” and Vaccine Facts

Although 70 percent of Californians have now received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, we are still racing against time to immunize as many people as possible before the coronavirus can develop new variants. Vaccination rates in cities across LA County range from 20% to 79% (among ages 16 and older). Learn the facts about vaccines, including addressing common myths, so you have accurate information if you are still making your decision. USC departments can arrange to have medical providers answer questions and engage with faculty and staff about vaccine concerns, through our “Ask A Doc” program.

COVID-19 Vaccines at USC

Vaccines are crucial tools in the fight against deadly infectious diseases; we strongly encourage students, faculty, and staff to receive COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccination appointments at… Read more »

Leadership Message on SAAM and Denim Day

This April, as we acknowledge Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), we are sharing with you some information and resources to become better educated and aware of sexual assault and sexual and gender-based harassment, and the resources on campus that are available for survivors. SAAM offers a unique opportunity to learn about and discuss this difficult and important topic throughout the month of April, and will culminate with a day to show support for survivors on Denim Day, April 28. We encourage all students to learn about these resources, use our toolkit to spark conversations on preventing sexual and gender-based harm and how to be an upstander, and encourage others to learn more. For the survivors, we acknowledge your courage and resilience, and hope the resources through our programs and services will help support you in moving toward healing. We know we can, and will, and must, do more, until relationship-based, sexually-based, gender-based, and power-based harm is eliminated from our community.

Sexual Assault Awareness and Denim Day

Denim Day is the last Wednesday of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April), raising awareness and encouraging people to wear jeans with a purpose, support survivors of sexual assault, and educate themselves and others about all forms of sexual violence and gender-based harm. Learn more about Denim Day and USC’s Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services, a unit of Counseling and Mental Health Services in USC Student Health, the campus resource for students, providing advocate services (24/7) to survivors of sexual assault and gender-based harm; providing mental health services, and promoting prevention education programs for students and student-serving departments.