Regarding Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health

Through a statement on social media from USC president Carol L. Folt, the university president confirmed that “When women’s reproductive rights are not protected federally, it can lead to harmful disparities that impact women’s health and wellbeing. In California, women will retain choice over the most private, personal, difficult decision of their lives, but that will not be true in many other states. As a leading educational institution with a major healthcare system, we must continue to champion safe access to women’s reproductive healthcare through our advocacy, research and medical enterprise.”

Student Employment Opportunity, 2022-2023

Well-being and Health Outreach Ambassador (Student Health) Description is also listed in the ConnectSC jobs portal; On-Campus Non-work-study (student employment) ID: 272632 USC Student Health, Communications… Read more »

Contraception, including LARCs

There are many contraceptive options for people and partners who are looking to prevent pregnancy when having sexually active relationships. Long-term, reversible contraceptives (LARC) may… Read more »

“Sexual Citizens” Discussion during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Throughout April, we will demonstrate our heartfelt commitment to empower survivors with activities that support their resilience, hope, and healing, and we encourage our community to learn more about this topic to increase awareness, prevention, and knowledge.
As we begin Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#usc_saam), we are writing to invite you to a public discussion framed around the concept of “sexual citizens.” The idea comes out of the most comprehensive study to date of sexual assault on campus conducted by the Sexual Health Initiative to Foster Transformation (SHIFT) at Columbia University. Columbia professors and authors of the groundbreaking book, “Sexual Citizens: Sex, Power and Assault on Campus,” Jennifer S. Hirsch and Shamus Khan will be on hand to share powerful insights from their work.

Gender-Affirming Care: A Physician’s Perspective

Essay from Dr. Patty Pinanong: Today we celebrate the resilience and success of our gender diverse (trans+) community. Through allyship, the medical community would like to explore how to be a meaningful resource and source of support. When people think about seeing a health care provider, they may focus on an immediate issue.  At Student Health, this could be a tumble off a skateboard, an asthma attack, or other symptoms that might lead to a diagnosis and treatment. Yet patients are more than a collection of their anatomical parts.  As medical providers, we strive to see the whole person in front of us and support their journey to take charge of their health and wellness.

Mental Well-Being Programs

These programs are co-organized and facilitated by the embedded counselors and liaisons who are mental health professionals in Counseling and Mental Health Services of USC… Read more »