Trojan Check and MySHR Troubleshooting Guide

Logging In and Scheduling

Issues logging into MySHR:

Please take a screenshot of the error message you are receiving and send that along with your full name, date of birth, and 10 digit USC ID (on your USC IC card) to

If you are a new student, please see the Quickstart instructions for MySHR.

Issues scheduling testing—eligible population

If you receive an error that you are not part of the eligible population for testing, make sure you are correctly answering “Yes” if you are have any student status (including postdocs).

If you continue to receive an error and you believe you are selecting the right information, take a screen shot of the error and send that along with your full name, date of birth, and 10 digit USC ID (on your USC ID card) to

I am having appointment scheduling issues.

If you are not able to view appointments for your desired timeslot, try “select all locations”; or select one specific location 4-12 hours before you would like to arrive.

Uploading Documentation

Navigate to the “Upload Documents” section, and you will see different areas for uploading:

  • your vaccine card/documentation (USC staff, faculty and students)
  • religious or medical exemption forms (currently only applicable for students planning to live in university housing)
  • declination form (for USC staff and faculty; and for students planning to live in private, non-university housing)
  • viral test results (if you have previously had COVID-19)

Screenshot of form area

I tested positive previously for COVID-19, so I know I should not test for 90 days. How can previously positive COVID-19 patients become exempt from testing for that time?

In MySHR, you need to take 2 actions:

  1. In the “Downloadable Forms” section, upload your positive test result under “COVID-19 Viral Test Results”; then
  2. In the “Messages” section, send a secure message to the Advice Nurse to let the medical team know you have uploaded the document. Your record will be manually adjusted to reflect your 90-day testing exemption.

I’ve received my COVID-19 vaccination from outside of USC, how can I update this in my records?

In MySHR, in the “Upload Documents” section, select the “COVID-19 Vaccine Documentation” area and upload your completed (both doses) vaccine card. Upload as soon as you have your first dose, and again when you have the second dose. You may also submit your declination form in this section if you have been offered the vaccine and decline to take it.

Do I have to test with USC to fulfill the Trojan Check testing requirements?

No, but it’s highly recommended, as this makes contact tracing much faster to conduct as lab results are available within 24 hours. Antigen and antibody tests are not accepted, PCR tests are preferable.

Sample Collection and Lab Results

What is an invalid sample?

This means that the sample cannot be processed (bubbles in the sample, food, drink or other substance in the sample, or other interference) so the order is canceled.

What does an “inconclusive” test result mean?

This means that your test was not able to be read as either positive or negative. Because the test was not a definitive negative, you will need to re-test, and your Trojan Check campus access will be turned off until you receive a negative result.


Saliva Collection Alternative

For patients who have medical difficulty with saliva sample collection and are experiencing unsuccessful sample collection, a nasal swab pilot program is available with accompanying medical documentation.