Policy for Prescribing ADHD Medication

Documentation Requirements for Students Seeking ADHD Medications

With a history of treatment for ADHD

USC Student Health requires documentation of ADHD diagnostic evaluation and treatment provided by previous treating physician or licensed professional. Medical records are required. Summary letters are not acceptable. Previous prescriptions, pill containers, parents’ notes or other notations of previous ADHD diagnosis and treatment are considered inadequate documentation of diagnosis and treatment of ADHD at USC Student Health.

Valid Documentation Includes:

  • Evidence of current impairment in two or more settings.
  • A diagnostic interview containing self-report and third party information.
  • Use of an objective, professionally administered ADHD rating scale.
  • Internet checklists are not sufficient and do not meet the best practice standards.
  • Evidence of alternative diagnoses or explanations being ruled out.
  • Neuropsychological or psychoeducational assessment (recommended and may be required.)
  • A specific diagnosis as per the DSM-5/ICD-10.

For obtaining or receiving medical records, please contact our Health Information Management office (HIM) @ 213-740-0206 or email at  Please see the required Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information form needed to transfer your records.

ADHD Medication at USC Student Health

All documentation must be received and reviewed before your medication is continued. Please be in contact with your current prescriber during this process to ensure you have an adequate supply of medication.

  1. If the documentation is approved, you will be eligible to continue treatment at USC Student Health. Visits will assess for medical appropriateness and possible drug testing. The provider you are working with may determine other explanations for your symptoms and may not prescribe ADHD medications if they determine, based on clinical judgement, that other diagnosis may explain your symptoms.
  2. Medical services providers will not provide documentation for Disability Services and Programs regarding accommodations for mental health diagnosis. If you are planning to apply, please contact your prior provider for completion of these forms, or seek care with a qualified mental health provider. Please contact USC CMH for assistance with referrals or consultation (as below)
  3. If documentation is not approved, you may expect the following:
  • Contact your current provider for appropriate documentation.
  • If you are unable to provide adequate documentation and wish to receive services at USC Student Health, you will require additional ADHD evaluation at Counseling and Mental Health or can work with our referral coordinator to be referred to a community provider.
  • Continue treatment with your current provider.

Without a history of treatment for ADHD

Evidence of early impairment is necessary for the diagnosis of ADHD. Attention and concentration can be components of many health conditions. USC Counseling and Mental Health (CMH) will provide services to address these issues and may make a referral for ADHD testing if your symptoms cannot be better explained by other mental health issues.  To start this process, please schedule a consultation appointment through MySHR or call the main phone line for assistance: 213-740-9355 (WELL).