Therapists in Training Support Group

Led by Elizabeth Reyes, PhD, and Psychology Doctoral Interns

Students interested in joining a group should go to MySHR and create a new message, and submit a “Counseling Group Interest Form.”

Counseling and Mental Health is offering a process group for graduate therapists in training. Being in the helping profession, it is important to have a space to process your own emotions and relational needs in context of being a therapist. This will be a therapeutic space for future healthcare providers amidst COVID and compassion fatigue. The group will be a safe and inclusive space to vulnerable and share differently than in an academic setting. This is 90min weekly meeting that is approximately 8 weeks. Group time will be based on the shared schedules of the interested students.

This group will be particularly beneficial and unique since it is one of CMH’s “live observation” groups which means that this group is lead with 2 therapists, and 3 therapists observing and providing feedback to the group on process. This allows for a deeper reflection from this added perspective as well as understanding of the therapeutic process. With telehealth, this means that the group will be lead via Zoom with 2 therapists interacting with group members and 3 therapists observing (with cameras off).