Spotlight Briefs

Spotlight Briefs from the Office for Health Promotion Strategy highlight topics and trends involving the health and well-being of students as a collective and community. The briefs are data summaries collected from several data sources, including the ACHA National College Health Assessment (NCHA), AlcoholEdu for College, Healthy Minds Study, and Association of American Universities Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct.


AlcoholEdu for College

Highlights alcohol-use drinking categories, top drinking locations on and off-campus, shifts in alcohol use by gender, Greek intenders, and thriving – of all incoming undergraduate students.
Spotlight Alcohol Consumption December 2018

Mental Health & Illness 

Showcases data from the Healthy Minds Study survey on mental health and illness among all students at USC.
Spotlight Mental Health February 2019

Spotlight Mental Illness February 2019



Alcohol Consumption

Trends the effect on academic performance and student life of alcohol over-consumption defined as at-risk drinking on the University Park Campus.
Spotlight Alcohol Consumption October 2016

Mental Health Concerns

Showcases the impact of mental health concerns affecting students on the University Park Campus including issues of anxiety and depression.
Spotlight Mental Health October 2016

Sexual Misconduct

Highlights the influence of sexual assault and misconduct on the University Park Campus on academic performance and student life.
Spotlight Sexual Misconduct October 2016


Sexual Misconduct

Highlights key findings from the 2015 AAU Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct among all undergraduate students.
Spotlight Sexual Misconduct 2015


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