Unobserved Collection (Pop Testing Program): FAQ

What is the difference between the unmonitored and monitored testing program?

Groups of students/employees who are familiar with the self-collection process at the current tent locations are gradually being moved to an “unmonitored” system. Patients pick up kits at a central location or through their departments, and follow instructions for creating an account and activating the kit, and drop off the collected specimen at a designated location within 24 hours of activation.

Many students in programs in HSC have been moved to the unmonitored group, as have residents of Cale, Irani, and employees of specific departments. Individuals in the unmonitored (unobserved) group can create their Color account with following link prior to picking up their testing kit: Their access to the pre-scheduled tent testing is deactivated once they are moved to unmonitored.

Why are students being transitioned over to the unmonitored program?

The unmonitored program allows patients more flexibility in picking-up and dropping-off their testing kits, and will allow for a broader rollout of competed tests when there is a larger population of campus residents.

Can students just test at a Color testing site even if they’re part of the unmonitored program?

At this time no.