Turning 26 and Need Insurance

If you are currently under your parent’s insurance but are going to be turning 26 years old and need to find a new insurance, you have the option to enroll into the Aetna Student Health Insurance.

Aetna Student Health only enrolls students into their insurance during the beginning of Fall semester and the beginning of Winter semester. Students are not allowed to enroll into the insurance if they miss those two enrollment periods. However, since USC requires all students to have health insurance, Aetna has allowed students who are about to be uninsured due to age to enroll into their insurance.

If you would like to enroll into Aetna Student Health Insurance during the middle of year due to your upcoming 26th birthday, please contact Sylvia Carabante at carabant@usc.edu with a copy of the letter from your insurance company stating that you will no longer be insured as of a certain date at least one month prior to your birthday.

Every insurance company is supposed to send their members an “end of coverage letter”. Sylvia will need a copy of the letter to begin processing your enrollment into Aetna. She will guide you through the rest of the enrollment steps.

For further questions or concerns, please call Sylvia at (323) 442 -5989.

USC Student Health wishes you a Happy Birthday!


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