Training and Opportunities

Undergraduate Intern Position

  • 12-15 hour/week on-site commitment
  • Unpaid internship, but can receive course credit through SWMS 311 or any other possible internship course (double check with advisor and course director first).

Interns help Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services fulfill its mission to create a more safe, understanding environment in which students and faculty can learn and understand gender-related issues across various social identities through educational programs and events.

Main responsibilities include the advertisement of  Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services and its services on campus by designing flyers and regularly posting information on events and programs on social media. Interns are also responsible for various other miscellaneous tasks that assist Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services staff in the preparation and implementation of Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services events and programs, and provide support in daily operations at the Center.


  • Distributing flyers around campus
  • Tabling for events and programs
  • Design and create event flyers
  • Regularly advertise and update our social media platforms
  • General assistance with programming
  • Maintenance of resource areas

If interested, please send a letter of interest and resume to Brenda Ingram at


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