Stalking is pattern of behavior or conduct directed at a specific person that causes the victim to fear for their safety or for the safety of loved ones. Stalking is a crime, defined in California penal code 646.9.

Stalking behaviors include:

  • Following
  • Unwanted telephone calls
  • Unwanted letters or e-mails
  • Unwanted or threatening gifts
  • Threats
  • Damage to property
  • Physical assault
  • Appearing at a place of residence, school or work

If Someone is Stalking You:

  • Write down everything that happens. Include dates, times, locations, and a detailed description of what happened.  In addition, keep relevant answering messages. Keep letters, notes, and gifts or other objects sent to you. It may be important evidence.
  • Seek help from Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services .
  • File a report with the USC Department of Public Safety or your local police department, if it’s happening off campus.
  • Tell your resident advisor, roommates, friends, and family about the problem and the importance of keeping your information private. They also can provide support to you and look out for you.
  • Be clear and assertive in demanding to be left alone (if it is safe to do so).
  • Break off all contact with the person.
  • Remember that the stalker’s behavior is not your fault.
  • Don’t walk alone. Ask friends to walk with you or call USC Campus Cruiser. To arrange for a USC Campus Cruiser, call (213) 740-4911 from the University Park Campus or (323) 442-2100 from the Health Sciences Campus.
  • Understand how to reduce risk when using Internet browsers.

In an emergency, call DPS (213-740-4321) or LAPD (911). If you’re calling on a cellular phone, be sure that you can describe your location accurately.

Helpful Telephone Numbers:

  • Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services: (213) 740-4900
  • USC Department of Public Safety – Emergency: (213) 740-4321 Business: (213) 740-6000
  • Student Counseling Services: (213) 740-7711
  • USC Staff/Faculty Counseling Services: Center for Work and Family Life: (213)-821-0800
  • Los Angeles Police Department – Emergency: 911 Threat Management Unit: (213) 485-7576
  • Campus Cruiser (Escort Service) UPC: (213) 740-4911 HSC: (323) 442-2100
  • Peace Over Violence Self-Defense: (213) 955-9098


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