Appointments & Referrals

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services offers counseling free of charge for students and is an inclusive space for individuals of all genders.

Make An Appointment

To make a  Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services appointment, please call (213) 740-4900.
24 hour advance notice is required for cancellation of an appointment. Otherwise, a $20 fee will be charged to the student’s account.

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services counseling services include:

  • Crisis and urgent appointments
  • Individual counseling for survivors of sexual or gender-based violence (e.g. sexual assault,  stalking, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence) during their time at USC.
  • Group therapy (e.g. sexual trauma therapy group)
  • Consultations (e.g., we are able to advise you in supporting individuals in your life or aiding someone in receiving help)
  • Advocacy (e.g. discussion of reporting options, support in making medical appointments related to sexual or domestic violence, support surrounding academic accommodations)
  • 24/7 after-hours on-call service (emergencies related to gender-based harm)

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services is a part of the larger Student Counseling Services, but offers specialized services related to sexual and gender-based harm. To schedule an appointment with Counseling and Mental Health Services, call (213) 740-7711 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or visit the Engemann Student Health Center on the University Park Campus.

Therapy Groups

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services offers weekly therapy groups throughout the academic year. They are safe and confidential spaces for students who have experienced sexual abuse, sexual assault, harassment, stalking or other gender-related violence. The sessions are supervised by a professional counselor, and the size of the support group varies from semester to semester. To learn more about the groups offered this semester, call (213) 740-4900 or visit us.

Group topics and times are dependent on student availability. An initial meeting (30 minutes) is required prior to starting a therapy group. Please call us to schedule an initial meeting regarding group therapy.

Empowerment: Skills & Support for Survivors
This group is for students who experienced sexual assault during college and hope to gain skills to improve their mental and emotional well-being. This group also provides an opportunity to connect with other students who have similar experiences.

We also offer Yoga as Healing, a mind and body program for individuals who have experienced sexual-based violence and/or gender-based harm. For more information, please refer to the Programs and Workshops page.

In case of a counseling emergency after-hours or during weekends, call (213) 740-4900, and press “0” to speak with an on-call counselor.


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