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As a parent of a USC student, you may have many questions about the health center and what we provide and when! This page is dedicated to the common questions we have received from parents and the resources you’ll need to get questions answered.

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After Hours

Medical or counseling assistance is available to your student when we are closed. Your student can call (213) 740-9355 for medical and (213) 740-7711 for counseling assistance. An on-call nurse/doctor or a counselor will be reached.

After Hours Transport
If your student is having a life-threatening situation and they live in on campus housing, they should inform their Resident Assistant (RA) immediately. The RA can assist in contacting DPS to transport the student to an area hospital if needed. If your student needs to contact DPS directly while on campus, they can call them at (213) 740-4321. We do not advise that the student travels on their own if they are in need of medical help or are having a mental health crisis.

If the student lives off campus and is having a life-threatening emergency, they should dial 911 immediately for assistance.

Appointments & Access to Health Center

Students need to bring their USC ID to their appointment each time they are seen at the health center. It’s preferred that the student makes an appointment ahead of time. Students can schedule appointments by calling (213) 740-9355 during business hours, or by going to, their online student health portal. Parents are not able to make appointments for their student. Students must call to make their own appointments.

Students who are taking 6 or more units each semester are automatically charged the mandatory Student Health Fee, which gives them access to the health center services. Health insurance is also mandatory for the student to have in case of an emergency or a referral to a specialist off campus. The health center doesn’t bill health insurance.


Please see the individual and group counseling support and skills available to students. They are encouraged to try a group session to gain support from their peers who are also dealing with the same stress, anxiety and other mental health challenges.

Dental Emergencies

For urgent dental needs, students can call the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry on the UPC campus. Please call them for pricing. This service is not covered under the Student Health Fee.

Doctor’s Note – Does the health center provide them?

No, the health center cannot provide a doctor’s note for every student. Please see the Medical Excuse Policy… the student needs to print this form, fill it out and start a conversation with their professor.


General Health Center Forms
Notice about Student Privacy and Consent & Advanced Directives


Immunization Clinic

During the health center’s business hours, students can drop by the immunization clinic to receive their immunizations.

Nutrition Services

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) is available by referral only. Students would need to make an appointment with a primary care clinician at the health center first. The RDN can help students with the best diet strategies for diabetes and digestive issues, offer support for resolving eating disorders, assist with weight management and much more!


Price List

Most services are covered by the Student Health Fee, however, there are additional fees that may be charged.

Referrals and Specialty Care

To be referred to a specialist within the health center, students need to make an appointment with a health center primary care clinician first. Here is a list of the health center’s Specialty Care and Services.

For Off Campus Referrals
If the student is on the USC Student Health Insurance Plan, they need to be seen by a health center primary care clinician to be referred to a specialist off campus. Otherwise, if the student has another type of health insurance, they can call a specialist off campus, making sure that their insurance covers the services the specialist provides.

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