Sexual and Reproductive Health


USC Student Health provides quality clinical services in an environment that is non-judgmental and respectful of each individual and their gender and sexual diversity. Evaluation, treatment as well as educational and support resources are provided to help achieve a student’s optimal health.

If needed, your clinician can call Language Line Services to get assistance with translating in your native language. This ensures a full understanding of your health appointment by a clinically trained translator.

We have created this Patient Guide to Sensitive Health Exams to help patients understand standard of care protocols during sensitive health exams.

The Patient Guide to Sensitive Health Exams is also available in Chinese….Patient Sensitive Health Exams- in Chinese

What to Expect at Your Medical Exam

Basic Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

• Evaluation, treatment and support in maintaining sexual health
• Check-up, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and diseases
• STI screening
• HIV testing
• PrEP
• Self-exam information
• Routine yearly visits such as Gynecological exams and pap smears
• Review of medication
• Support and assistance for concerns related to sexual function or performance
• Support and assistance for concerns related to sexual orientation
• Routine age-specific lab testing
• UTI treatment and resources

Contraceptive Services

• Pregnancy Testing and consultation
• IUD Consultation and placement
• Oral contraceptives
• Plan B
• Diaphragm


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