Meningitis Questionnaire

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All new incoming undergraduate students will be asked to complete an e-mail meningitis questionnaire. Students should expect to receive this email a few weeks after the semester begins. This questionnaire will require students to acknowledge receiving meningitis information from USC, and to indicate one of the following:

  1. they have already received the vaccine
  2. they would like to receive the vaccine
  3. they have decided not to be vaccinated

All undergraduate students will be required to complete this questionnaire. Those who do not are subject to having a hold placed on their student account.

Meningococcal Meningitis Facts

USC Student Health requires all incoming freshmen and transfer students 21 years old and under to receive the meningococcal meningitis vaccination before they come to campus, or as soon as possible after their arrival. Meningococcal meningitis is a serious illness that can lead to brain damage, disability or death. College freshmen, particularly those who live in dorms, have a moderately increased risk of getting this disease. Presently, there are vaccines available to provide protection against the most common strains.

Further information on this disease may be found at:


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