Overseas Travel Resources

Students who plan leisure travel prior to or after the conclusion of the official program must request extension through the ESHC Insurance Department. The request must be sent via email. For leisure travel, extensions will be granted up to a total of 30 days.

Important Travel Resources and Information:

Students requiring care while overseas should first contact ISOS

If non-urgent medical care is advised by ISOS:
ISOS will either schedule an appointment or provide the student with a provider’s name and address.

If urgent medical care is required:
The student or representative should contact ISOS as soon as possible.

If You Are An Overseas Program Coordinator:

Overseas Programs Student Insurance Registration Process

1. The sponsoring department must send an Overseas Student Roster of students participating in the program to the Overseas Insurance Coordinator (OIC) at Engemann Student Health Center (ESHC) using this template provided by ESHC. The roster is required no less than 3 weeks prior to departure.

2. OIC verifies insurance coverage:

  • If not on the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), student is charged on their bursar account for the duration of the program (minimum of a two week rate).
  • If on SHIP, student is charged per semester at the on-camp us rate.
  • The student health fee (SHF) is waived if the USC-sponsored overseas lasts a full semester.

3. OIC prepares the student packet:

  • Letter of certification (from ACE/Chubb)
  • Summary of benefits
  • Flyer describing the ISOS app and instructions on how to download
  • ISOS information card
  • “Reminder” letter highlighting medical services are only covered for non-routine care

4. OIC contacts department representative to inform that packets are ready

  • A department representative will come pick up — or
  • An orientation will be requested
  • An ESHC representative will hold the orientation session with the students and distribute the packets at that time. Occasionally faculty/staff will request an orientation session (without students).

5. The department’s final program roster is then added to the ESHC Master Roster.

USC Contacts

Overseas Insurance Coordinator (OIC)
Valerie Hill
(213) 821-1550

ISOS or emergency contacts at Engemann Student Health Center
1. Molli Augustus
(818) 399-5069 (cell)

2. Debbie Hansen
(213) 740-2180

3. Nytosha Coleman
(213) 821-4393

USC Emergency contacts
USC Student Support and Advocacy
(213) 821-4710

USC Department of Public Safety
(213) 740-4321

“Climate status” requests at ESHC
Molli Augustus
(818) 399-5069 (cell)


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