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The University of Southern California requires that all students have comprehensive health insurance. If you are already covered under a comprehensive health insurance policy, you may elect to waive coverage. Please see below for more information about enrollment and how to enroll.

Who’s Automatically Enrolled?

  • All domestic students taking 6 units or more are automatically enrolled in the USC Student Health Insurance Plan. The cost is automatically added to your student account with the University.
  • All international students and Health Sciences Campus students are automatically enrolled, even if they are taking less than 6 units.
  • Because the USC Student Health Insurance Plan works in conjunction with the Student Health Centers, all students enrolled in the Plan are also required to pay the Student Health Fee. This fee covers medical care provided at the Student Health Centers, and is in addition to your health insurance premium. The Student Health Fee is automatically added to your student account with the University.

Who’s Not Automatically Enrolled?

You must actively enroll if you are a:

  • Domestic student taking less than 6 units. However, all international students and all Health Science Campus students are automatically enrolled, regardless of the number of units they are taking.
  • Summer Admit: Students starting classes in the summer must request enrollment in the student health insurance plan, please contact studenthealth@usc.edu to find out how to enroll.

How to Enroll

If you are not automatically enrolled in the plan and you wish to purchase the USC Student Health Insurance Plan for yourself at the beginning of a new semester, you must enroll online.

The deadline to enroll for Spring 2019 is January 25, 2019.

  • You may print out a copy of the completed enrollment request confirmation for your records. Note: The Enrollment Form is not proof of coverage, and should not be used as such. If you need medical care before receiving a permanent I.D. card from Aetna Student Health, you should use a temporary paper I.D. card available from the Student Health Insurance Office; you can also download a temporary I.D. card from the Aetna Navigator website or go to aetnastudenthealth.com
  • The cost of coverage will be added to your student account with the University.

Enrollments for Domestic Students at Satellite Locations

All enrollments for domestic students registered for 5 units or less and students attending classes at one of the satellite locations (Skirball, Orange County, San Diego, Catalina, Sacramento and Washington DC) should be completed online.

Optional Student Dental Plan Enrollment

The deadline to enroll in the optional dental plan is only once a year in the Fall.  See the dental page for the dental enrollment form and information.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

USC students on a departmental approved Leave of Absence (LOA), need to confirm their insurance coverage. We offer a one-semester only Leave Of Absence insurance plan for students currently on the USC Student Health Insurance Plan. Once you have your completed departmental LOA paperwork, please call us at (213) 740-9355 and choose the insurance prompts to speak with us.


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