Healthy Meals, Even When Mom’s Not Around

 by Thu Wati Aung, USC Student, Student Health Blogger

Meals can be confusing especially when mom’s not around. In honor of November being National Diabetes Month, here are some diabetic-friendly foods even the non-diabetic can eat! Most of the time, diabetics are surrounded by restrictions when it comes to the things you can eat. Instead of listing all the “Don’ts”, I’m gonna take a 360 and tell you all the wonderful and delicious things you can eat!

You probably already know to indulge on complex carbs, lean protein, healthy fats, and low-fat items. But, what does that even mean? Don’t worry, I felt the same when I heard all those words. Here’s a list of all the things you should eat that’s so good for your health and easy to fit in your busy college schedule.

  • Whole Grains:

    Think high fiber cereals, whole grain bread, or brown rice. I’m usually guilty of skipping breakfast altogether before my morning classes. Cereal or bread is such a quick and easy fix for this, as long as you’re getting high-fiber or whole grain foods that are also low in added sugars.
    Meal ideas: All-Bran cereal with low-fat milk or toasted whole grain bread with avocados!

  • Fatty Fish:

    Does anyone love salmon? If you do, you’ll be happy to know that fatty fish like salmon are great for you! Other great options include sardines, herring, anchovies, or mackerel. It’s so easy to steam, bake, or grill on a pan!
    Meal ideas: heat up some olive oil in a pan, put the salmon on when the pan heats up, and throw in a slice of lemon and some rosemary! Yum!

  • Chia seeds:

    This superfood is high in fiber and will give you so much energy even from just a tablespoon full. Another thing that’s great about chia seeds is how versatile they are!
    Meal ideas: Put them in your cereal in the morning or your greek yogurt or in your smoothie for a quick pick me up!

  • Turmeric and Cinnamon:

    These are amazing spices that will give any meal much more flavor. Plus, its health benefits include providing high levels of antioxidants, lowering cholesterol, and reducing inflammation among many others. I like to put some turmeric in my chicken (yay lean protein!) or cinnamon in my oatmeal.
    Fun fact: my roommate boils milk and mixes in a little bit of turmeric to boost her immune system when she’s feeling sick. The recipe has been in her family for years now.

  • Garlic:

    This smelly bulb has the best benefits. Not only does it boost your immune system, it also helps regulate blood glucose. It’s so easy to incorporate into your meals as well! I would literally chop it up or smash it down and throw it in my fish, chicken, fries, and anything else you can think of that goes into a pan or the oven.

  • Fruits:

    When are fruits ever bad for you, right? Fruits are such great snacks that are both delicious and filling. Eat them whole whenever you can instead of juicing them because you get more benefits that way!

I hope I made your life a little easier and healthier with these meal ideas! Remember – Everything in Moderation. Happy healthy eating!


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