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If you are entering a clinical/professional program at the USC Health Science Campus, your academic program should have sent you a Health Clearance Packet on behalf of the Eric Cohen Student Health Center. This might have been sent via mail or email. If you have not received the packet and you were already admitted into a specific academic program, please click on your specific clinical program under the Health Clearance tab to view the packet you should have received. Please read through the packet as it contains health requirements that you need to fulfill before your first day at USC. USC Student Health needs to review your immunizations and verify your compliance. The list of those that are compliant/non-compliant will be sent to your respective academic departments. Those that are non-compliant will be held back from participating in clinical activities.

Students that are not entering a clinical/professional program do not receive this packet. Please do not worry about those requirements.

Requirements for Clinical Professional Programs

TB Requirement

Requirements for Professional Programs

Check individual academic program pages for specific requirements

Requirements for Masters/PhD (Non-Professional) Programs

Mask Fit Test

FAQs for Incoming Students

Visiting Students


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