Yong Sue Park, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Assistant Professor of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Keck School of Medicine of USC

Yong Park, headshot style photo, he is smiling and looking into the camera.

Yong Park, PhD received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He serves as a liaison for the Viterbi School of Engineering. His professional interests include individual and group psychotherapy, college adjustment, academic pressures, family and relationship issues, stress management, biofeedback training, career counseling, depression and anxiety, first-generation college students, ethnic identity development, marginalization, and supervision and training.

In addition to clinical interests, Park is on the editorial board of the Asian American Journal of Psychology, and a research fellow of the Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research at Michigan State University. His research interests revolve around the cultural and psychological aspects of providing professional services to Asian Americans. More specifically, he is interested in examining how relational expectations, family dynamics, and racism experiences affect the counseling process and outcome with Asian American clients. He has over 25 publications in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters.

His pronouns are he, him, his.