Students Under University Policy Review

When there are concerns regarding a student’s behavior or verbal remarks, various organizations may refer a student to Counseling and Mental Health Services so they can learn about resources and support available to them. This can include referrals from Academic Review and Retention, Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards (aka SJACS), Housing and/or Residential Education, Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development and/or student organizations, and Title IX.

Although Counseling and Mental Health Services does not provide mandated counseling, we can connect students to the support they need. This may include connecting them to short-term counseling, ongoing counseling, anger management programs, respondent advocates, and/or chemical dependency assessment.

Students may particularly benefit:

  • if they are impacted by the stress of being part of a review
  • if they feel they are misunderstood by others in this process, or in general
  • if they are confused why others perceive their behavior(s) or remarks as concerning

Students are encouraged to make an appointment to speak with a counselor and learn about their options. At the start of the call, students should state that they are being referred by one of the above offices or other organization.

Additionally, the following resources may provide helpful information about what to expect during the respective review process/es:

Counseling and Mental Health Services cannot confirm a consultation was provided without a student’s written consent. You will be asked to bring your form to the office and sign a release if verification is needed.


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