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We are here to engage and educate! Outreach services provide educational and skills-based workshops that can teach Trojans about healthy coping strategies, resiliency, life skills, increase knowledge, and resources to enhance their ability to attend to the multidimensional aspects of their psychological functioning. The ultimate goal is to work towards being a healthy psychologically minded campus community.

  • Outreach includes mental health and developmental workshops, consultation, collaborating with campus partners i.e. liaisionship, by stander intervention training, debriefings, and responding to any specific need or programming.
  • Common educational topics have been stress management, mindfulness, substance use, eating and sleeping, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, micro-aggressions and any other diversity-related topics, emotional regulation, self-esteem, improving concentration and motivation, decreasing procrastination, identity issues, sexuality, and romantic relationships, assertiveness training, adjustment to college or other phase of life issues.
  • Training for student organization or staff on basic counseling skills, peers helping peers, suicide prevention, how to help a friend or recognize students in distress.
  • Campus interventions include debriefing after a tragedy or loss, or response to current events.
  • Lastly, our center is a member of the AUCCCO national organization of college outreach and upholds this organizations values, and commitment to diversity, and serving the entire campus community.

We strive to meet the immediate needs of the campus community, and the first step to schedule an outreach is to submit your request online and one of our staff members will follow up with you. Whenever possible, we ask for a two-week notice to allow for preparation and scheduling.  Due to the clinical demand for services, we regret we can no longer offer interviews for any class projects.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Kelly Greco, Psy.D.
Assistant Director, Outreach and Prevention Services
(213) 740-7711

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