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Counseling and Mental Health Services is dedicated to providing all USC students valuable mental health support and appropriate connection to resources for students both on- and off-campus. If you are a USC Online Degree Program Student and are interested in pursuing counseling, you have several options to consider.

Student Health Fee: For students that live locally, you may wish to consider the services on campus. Online students are eligible, but not obligated, to pay the Student Health Fee. For more information, here is the fee structure and covered services.

For Counseling Services, the Student Health Fee entitles students to an initial phone consultation, an assessment during which you will be provided with appropriate resources and recommendations. Students may be referred to services within the center such as therapy, group therapy or crisis services; resources within other USC departments; or a community provider. The mental health co-insurance for the Aetna plan is 10% or $10 co-pay. Therefore, while online students may choose to pay the Student Health Fee, they should review the services it provides and geographic access when making their decision.

Online Social Work Students: The Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work contracts with an independent student assistance program called Perspectives for its online MSW students. They can be reached at (800) 456-6327.

USC Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan: All USC Online Degree Program students who are taking six or more units are automatically enrolled in the USC Student Health Insurance Plan. This is a PPO plan with mental and medical benefits. If you are taking less than six units, you have the option of actively enrolling in the USC Student Health Plan for Online Students.

All Other Insurance Plans: For students who choose not to pay the Student Health Fee or waive out of the USC plan, below are helpful resources to locate a therapist near you. Of course, you are also encouraged to call Member Services on the back of your insurance card to ask for benefits and referrals.

Finding a therapist in your area:

For Aetna members:

Any type of insurance:

Tips for finding the right provider for you from national organizations:

National Association Mental Illness

American Psychological Association




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