Making An Appointment

Rich Schmitt Photography 003 crop2Please make your first Counseling Consultation appointment online at:

The first step for students seeking any service is scheduling a consultation with a counselor. The purpose of the conversation is to help us understand and assess your needs, and then review options and resources based on the concerns you shared. You may call our office between 8:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday or make your appointment online at

What to expect during your first appointment:

The counselor will speak with you for 15-20 minutes and ask several questions about your situation and talk with you about available options that may be appropriate for you. We rely on you to help us understand the nature of your needs. Please be as open as you can during this conversation. Based on the clinician’s professional assessment of your current circumstances, history and goals, they will provide recommendations for treatment. These might include:

  • Scheduling you for an urgent appointment if your need is more serious.
  • Referring you to one of our Counseling Groups, in which many students have found supportive and effective assistance for addressing their concerns. For some concerns, this is the treatment of choice, whether to learn stress/mood management skills or learning to connect with others.
  • Scheduling for brief, solution-focused therapy with a Counseling and Mental Health Services counselor.
  • Transitioning your care to a specialist in the community. This can be a good option for people whose needs would be best addressed with an ongoing supportive relationship or specialist or for those who prefer to have counseling off-campus.
  • Referring you to another USC office for services. Counseling and Mental Health Services works closely with other offices that offer specialized support to students to help them meet their needs. This can include anything from time management skills from Occupational Therapy for time management and organization skill building, medical services, academic or career advisors, or test taking anxiety from Kortschack Learning and Creativity Center.

In fairness to students wanting timely services, Counseling and Mental Health Services will charge $20.00 for any missed appointment with no notice or less than 24 hour cancellation. The fee will automatically be billed to your student bill. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please call (213) 740-7711 to cancel at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid the $20 fee. This will assist in making the appointment time available to others.


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