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Completing this form is a great way to learn more about the group and it is not considered a commitment to join. Please be advised – email (and this form) is not a secure medium for transmitting confidential information.

Group therapy offers students an opportunity to understand themselves, gain skills to manage stress and their emotions, or both. The group therapy format is an effective way to address many types of struggles.  Some groups focus on developing effective coping mechanisms. Other groups focus on relationships and/or identity.

Specifically, group therapy can provide the following:

  • opportunities to learn new and effective skills to manage stress, anxiety and other emotions;
  • support from others who have had similar experiences and help remembering that you are not alone in your struggles;
  • a safe and supportive place to try out new behaviors and ways of interacting;
  • a place to deepen understanding about roles and patterns;
  • Feedback to and from others about how you are perceived can be a catalyst for understanding and change;
  • a place to learn about closeness, trust, and intimacy.

Engemann Group Counseling and Drop-In Workshops
Eric Cohen Group Counseling and Drop-In Workshops



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