Eating Disorder Treatment

The Eating Disorder Treatment Team is a group of caring professionals that assists students with their eating disorders or eating concerns. The team is comprised of two psychologists, two physicians, a psychiatrist and a registered dietitian. In contrast to a treatment facility, our goal is to assess, stabilize and, when necessary, connect students to an ongoing or intensive treatment care facility in the community. Students may choose to begin treatment with any of the following services:

  • Individual Counseling: Short-term counseling is available to begin the process of recovery. Students will be referred for open-ended treatment in the community as clinically indicated.
  • Group Counseling: Peace with Food group is available. The group focuses on students’ feelings, coping, relationships and recovery. Concurrent and/or prior individual therapies are usually recommended.
  • Psychiatric Consultation: Please call for an Initial Consult appointment to determine the options available to you on-and off-campus.
  • Medical Services: If you have concerns about your physical health, you may request a physical evaluation and ongoing monitoring. Please specify your concern about disordered eating to ensure that you are given an appointment with one of the treatment team’s physicians.
  • Off-Campus Treatment: Sometimes students need long-term or more intensive care than we are able to provide. If we feel that this is the best option, we will make a referral to an outside agency. If you have been in open-ended therapy prior to coming to USC and know you would like to continue, we can assist with the referral process. Please call (213) 740-7711 asking for a referral appointment. All referrals take into consideration your insurance, financial and transportation resources and individual needs.

How To Utilize This Service

You may access the Eating Disorders Treatment Team by scheduling an appointment with Counseling Services, Medical Services, or the Office for Wellness and Health Promotion. Schedule an intake appointment with Counseling and Mental Health Services to meet with a professional counselor for a private, individual consultation. After your assessment, the counselor may refer you to any of the above services.

For more information on eating disorders, disordered eating or body image, visit these websites:
Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders, Inc.
Go Ask Alice!
National Eating Disorders Association
Overeaters Anonymous
Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center


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