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Students will be asked to complete a Release of Information from Counseling and Mental Health Services before forms or letters can be completed. Please know, the Medical Excuse Policy on our forms page states that the health providers do not provide letters. This link can be shared with those who direct you to seek a letter from our offices. Any documentation request requires 1) your written authorization and 2) 2-10 business days to process. Below are FAQs regarding documentation requests:

What if I have a form completed for my study abroad application; tuition reimbursement (Dewars); Government forms; Academic Review; Graduate school applications; etc.?

Contact your current/former therapist to let them know you have this form to complete. You will be asked to leave the form with our office, and to also provide us with written permission to complete the form (Release of Information form). Please keep in mind, requests can take up to 10 days to process, but usually less than a week. Please allow plenty of time before your deadlines. In some cases, the clinician may request to discuss the form and information being released.

I am an International Student. Can I get supporting documentation regarding my distress and reduced course load?

International students should make an appointment and let the counselor know they are seeking support with a course load reduction. Counseling and Mental Health Services can help them understand resources to support their academic stressors and will work with the Office of International Students requests for you.

Can I get a letter for emotional support animals?

Counseling and Mental Health Services does not provide documentation for Emotional Support Animals.

Can I get a letter for my SJACS verification form?

Please make an appointment and let the counselor know at the start of the call you have a form to complete.

Can I get a letter to break my Housing contract?

Counseling and Mental Health Services, per Engemann policy, does not provide letters.

Can I get a letter for Disability Services and Programs (DSP) accommodations?

Students are encouraged to contact their treating providers who have a history with the student to complete the documentation required by DSP. The documentation requested by DSP is comprehensive and is best completed by the provider with a history with the student. For former or current clients, please consult with your Counseling and Mental Health Services counselor about your options.

Please be aware, accommodations can take up to 2 weeks to be processed once all documentation is received. DSP needs time to review the materials, find space and proctors, etc. Students should keep this in mind when they are planning to obtain accommodations.

Can I have my chart shared with my new provider?

Please contact your former counselor and ask to complete a Release of Information. You will be asked to provide their name, address, and fax number.


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