Counseling and Mental Health Updates

New Therapists Update
As many know this past spring the University approved 10 new therapist positions for counseling and mental health. We are excited to share with the community that we have hired five therapists into our new positions.

Our plan is to hire five for this semester and five more by December. Splitting the hires into two groups of five seems to be the most efficient way to orient and train the group.

Among the hires for December includes a behavioral health consultant position that will allow a therapist to work side-by-side on the medical floor providing on the spot consultation to students.

Outreach, Groups and Workshops for Students
Additionally as we go into the fall semester we are piloting our “let’s talk” program reaching out to student communities who may not typically come in for help.

Another area that we are emphasizing includes our feel better workshops designed to help those with mild anxiety and adjustment issues develop skills and receive support.

Continued and Expanded Support
While we continue to focus on these programs we also keep our eye on expanding services for long-term care. We are continuing to work with the Department of Psychiatry at Keck School of Medicine to address the ongoing need for long-term care for some students.

Thank you for your interest in what is new at counseling and mental health services and for your support!

USC Student Health, Counseling and Mental Health Services


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