Community Health Organizers

Community Health Organizers
*Paid Position: $15/hour*

Positions are currently filled. Please check back for updates.

Description: Student workers employed by USC Student Health who will advance health and well-being efforts in our diverse student communities at the University of Southern California. (Eight positions available).

Location: UPC: Engemann Student Health Center; HSC: Eric Cohen Student Health Center

• Attend mandatory intensive 2-day training: February 8 & 9 (Both days are required- no exceptions will be made)
• Attend mandatory monthly meetings: Thursdays 5-7 pm: February 21, March 21, April 18
• Serve on a professional staff committee focused on a well-being goal area*
• Provide insight and recommendations on the implementation of specific initiatives
• Refine ideas and strategies proposed to incorporate the student perspective
• Facilitate student focus groups, interviews and/or community meetings
• Conduct outreach to diverse student communities
• Design focus group, interview and community meeting questions
• Produce reports with insights gained from focus groups, interviews and/or community meetings

Time Commitment
• 1 hour per week- check in with staff at the Office for Health Promotion Strategy
• 1 hour per week- compose reports from focus groups, interviews and/or community meetings
• 4 hours per month- facilitate focus groups, interviews and/or community meetings
• 1-2 hours per month- attend designated well-being committee meetings
• 2 hours per month- attend monthly meeting to further knowledge of health promotion and build leadership skills
Total: 2 hours per week, additional 8 hours per month

Role Objectives:
• Establish rapport with student organizations reflective of the diverse student population at USC
• Convene students who might not otherwise hold leadership positions
• Conceive creative strategies to connect with peers about issues important to their well-being
• Infuse the student voice in the implementation of student well-being initiatives
• Champion the work around student well-being to the broader USC student community

Role Benefits:
• Build leadership capacity
• Gain facilitation, research and writing skills
• Network with university staff
• Learn about health and well-being

• Undergraduate or graduate USC student
• Interest in one of the four well-being goal areas
• Willingness to model and encourage healthy behaviors
• Capacity to understand, support, and engage diverse populations
• Strong communication and facilitation skills
• Desire to contribute positively to the culture of well-being at USC

*Well-being Goal Areas:
1. Enhance the culture of equity and inclusion
2. Cultivate a culture where individual and communities thrive
3. Disrupt the culture of at-risk substance use
4. Foster a culture of consent and healthy relationships



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