Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do after hours when the health center is closed?

For medical assistance, call (213) 740-9355 and follow the recorded instructions.

For counseling assistance, call (213) 740-7711 and follow the recorded instructions.

For Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services (RSVP), call (213) 740-4900.

Emergency On or Near Campus: Call UPC DPS at (213) 740-4321 or Call HSC DPS at (323) 442-1000.

Emergency Off Campus: Dial 911

See our After Hours page for more information.

Where are the closest hospitals to the UPC campus?

California Hospital Medical Center
1401 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 748-2411

Good Samaritan Hospital
1225 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 977-2420


Do I have to make an appointment or can I walk in? All services require an appointment to be booked in advance. By scheduling 1-2 weeks in advance, you will usually have a wide selection of appointment times available. If you have an urgent medical need, we encourage you to make an appointment online at Sick appointments are available on a limited basis at 6pm for next day visits on Or, students may call in at 8:30am to (213) 740-9355 to see if sick appointments are still available for that day. (Remember on Fridays, the student health center opens at 9:30am).

How do I cancel an appointment?
Appointments will be automatically cancelled if a student is 10 or more minutes late. If you need to cancel a future appointment, please follow the directions below…

You can cancel an appointment online by logging into your MySHR account:
1. Go to
2. Log-in with your USCnet ID and password
3. Click the link for appointments to pull up any scheduled appointments
4. Find the appointment you wish to cancel
5. Click “cancel appointment”
If you are having any trouble with this, Call us at (213) 740-9355 to cancel an appointment.

What happens if I’m late or don’t show up to my appointment?
If you are 10 or more minutes late for your appointment, it will be automatically cancelled. You’ll need to reschedule it. It is suggested that you always check-in at least 20 minutes early for every appointment.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
The Engemann Student Health Center requires students to show identification upon arrival. Please carry your student USC ID card or a government issued ID with you at all times. Another important item to keep in your wallet at all times is your health insurance card, especially if you don’t have the USC Student Health Insurance Plan.


What qualifies as emergency care?
Emergency care is immediate care due to the sudden onset of a condition that could be life-threatening if prompt medical attention is not provided.

For life-threatening conditions:
If on-campus, call DPS at (213) 740-4321 immediately
If off-campus, call 911 immediately.

Why can’t I refer myself to a specialist?
When seen at the Engemann Student Health Center, most patients can have their needs met with our Primary Care services, in which case specialty care is not needed. However, in order to be sure you are referred to the correct type of specialist, most services require a Primary Care appointment first. The services which require a referral include: allergy clinic, dermatology, nutrition services, occupational therapy, orthopedics, and physical therapy (and most services outside of the health center). If you are going to receive any services outside the health center, check with your insurance carrier to check if a referral is needed, prior to scheduling any appointments.

What is the definition of a “referral”?
A referral is a formal process authorizing an insurance member to get care from a specialist or a hospital.

How long is each appointment?
Appointment length varies with medical services. It’s always best to have plenty of extra time in case you are referred to do lab tests, for example. For all appointments, you are required to check-in at least 20 minutes early in order to complete any required paperwork.

Are services available in any language other than English?
While we cannot guarantee a staff member can treat you in your native language, the Engemann Student Health Center works hard to make you feel comfortable and adapt to your needs. Please make your language request when scheduling your appointment and we will do our best to fulfill your need.

Do I need to have a physical examination before I can be seen at the student health center?
No, you do not need to have a physical examination before you are able to be seen at the Engemann Student Health Center.

I am not a student, but can I be seen at the health center?
Only USC students can be seen at the Engemann Student Health Center.

If you are a faculty or staff member, there is a clinic on the fourth floor to contact at (213) 821-6500.

How do I make an appointment?
Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment online through – instructions are located here. You may also call us at (213) 740-9355.

Can I choose my healthcare provider?
Yes, when scheduling your appointment, you may specify which provider you would like to see.

Will I be able to get an excuse note for class?
Written excuses regarding the legitimacy of injury or illness-related absence from class or examinations are not issued by the Engemann Student Health Center. However, students can print out a “Medical Excuse” form for self-verification of an illness that can be used to begin a dialogue between you and your professor.

Are referrals required for off-campus treatment?
Yes, most services outside of the student health center require a referral. Contact your insurance carrier to be certain. If you are on the USC Student Health Insurance Plan contact Aetna Student Health at (877) 626-2299. Please note that when you use off campus health services, you will be using your health insurance and there may be an insurance c0-pay. Please remember to take your health insurance card with you to your off-campus appointment.

What services are offered at the health center?
• Primary Care
• Acupuncture
• Allergy Clinic*
• Chiropractic
• Counseling Services
• Dermatology*
• Nutrition Services*
• Health Information Management
• Immunization and Compliance
• Insurance Services
• Laboratory
• Occupational Therapy*
• Orthopedics*
• Pharmacy
• Radiology
• Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services (RSVP)
• Sexual & Reproductive Health
• Travel Clinic
• Wellness & Health Promotion
*service may require a referral


What are the different methods of payment I can use at the student health center?
You can pay in person by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover), cash, check, USCcard, or online through the USC Student Fee Bill via epay.

Does the student health center bill my health insurance?
No, the health center does not bill your insurance. If the student receives a bill at the health center, you can send that receipt to your insurance for possible reimbursement.


When should I go to counseling?
When what you normally do to cope is no longer working or when you are no longer able to manage what you had been doing before. Counseling can help reach your goals by helping you understand what has changed and what strategies would help.

How does counseling help?
Students sometimes ask the point of talking since a therapist will tell them what they already know. If you feel you already know what you need to do, therapy can help you understand what is getting in your way. Therapy helps you to learn alternative perspectives, coping and awareness in understanding your thoughts, feelings and choices.

What do I do if I am worried about a friend?
If you think your friend would benefit from counseling, you can call the center for tips on how to share your concerns for your friend. Another option, also anonymous, is using the Trojans Care for Trojans online system, which allows you to share your concerns about a student.

What is “after hours” counseling?
After hours counseling is a consultation service for students that are in severe distress and feel unable to wait until normal business hours. To reach an after hours, on call counselor, please call (213) 740-9355. Of course, in life-threatening emergencies, go to a local emergency room or call DPS at (213) 740-4321 if on campus, or 911 from off campus.


What are the fees I might incur when I come into the health center?
Your Student Health Fee covers most medical services at the Engemann Student Health Center however, there are some additional fees for certain services. Please refer to the Price List for complete fee information. Please note, the health center doesn’t bill your health insurance.


Can I get immunizations at the student health center?
Yes, the Engemann Student Health Center has access to most vaccines, which are available to students on a walk-in basis. Immunizations requiring an appointment with a clinician or travel consultant include: Depo Provera, rabies, pneumococcal, typhoid, and yellow fever. There may be fees associated with receiving immunizations at the health center. Please see the price list.

What immunizations are required for USC students?
The USC immunization requirements are located on the New Student Health Requirements page.

What other immunizations are available at the health center?
Other recommended Immunizations and Screenings:
• Depo Provera (Contraceptive)*
• Gardasil (HPV)
• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Influenza (Flu)
• Menactra (Meningitis)
• Bexsero (Meningitis B)
• MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
• Pneumococcal (Pneumonia)*
• Polio
• Rabies*
• Tetanus (TD)
• Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis (Tdap)
• Twinrix (Hep A & Hep B)
• Typhoid*
• Varicella (Chicken Pox)
• Yellow Fever*
*Must be ordered by a clinician or travel consultant

I can’t find my immunization papers, what can I do?
If you can’t find your immunization papers, try obtaining a copy of your record from your high school or your health care provider’s office. If the record is unattainable, you may need to begin the adult series of the vaccination or elect to be tested for immunity by a simple blood test.

I have an immunization hold (SHC10) on my registration, can you remove the hold?
No, an immunization hold (SHC10) will only be removed after you have turned in proof of all required immunizations and screenings.

It is preferred that this documentation be emailed to the email below. Or, you may fax it.

Fax: (213) 821-2740


What is the student health insurance and what does it cover?
The University offers the USC Student Health Insurance Plan through Aetna Student Health. The USC Student Health Insurance Plan works in conjunction with the Engemann Student Health Center and Counseling Services.

The USC Student Health Insurance Plan covers many annual preventive screenings and immunizations per Healthcare Reform law at no cost-sharing to the patient. Students who have paid the student health center fee are provided with unlimited primary care visits at the health center. Simply call or go online to make an appointment. Please view your plan benefits for more detailed information.
*Please note: Benefits vary for on-campus and off-campus students.

Can I waive the USC Student Health Insurance Plan?
If you are covered by a comprehensive insurance plan meeting the University’s requirements, you may submit a waiver request through our online process. All waiver requests are manually reviewed by our health insurance department and a decision will be made within 30 days of receipt and sent to you at your USC email address.

If I choose to waive the USC Health Insurance Plan, what does my insurance plan need to cover?
In order to waive the USC Student Health Insurance Plan, your insurance plan must:
• Provide continuous year-round coverage while you are a student at the University of Southern California.
• Your insurance plan must meet Affordable Care Act (ACA) criteria. Only plans in compliance with ACA will be accepted.
• Cover preventive care services at 100%.
• Have an annual combined deductible and out-of-pocket expense of $6,850 or less.
• Your health plan must have in-network providers (hospital and doctors) in the Los Angeles area. (on-campus students only)
• Emergency/urgent care only is not accepted for waiver.

I missed the waiver deadline, what do I do now?
The waiver site opens again in December and you can waive out of spring and summer at that time.

We waived out of the insurance, but my parent lost their insurance through their job. Is there a way to get the Aetna insurance now?
Email for a specific answer to your question.

If I am on the Aetna insurance plan now and I am going to study overseas next semester, how does this work with my current insurance? Do I fill out paperwork?
Please go to the International SOS website to find out about overseas health insurance.

How many times a year do I need to request to waive out of the USC Student Health Insurance Plan?
You must request a waiver once a year in the fall semester. Waivers submitted in the fall are good for the entire academic year.

If you missed the fall deadline, or if you are a new incoming student, you may request a waiver for spring/summer beginning in early December. Waivers submitted in the spring are only good for the spring/summer term. Don’t forget to submit a new waiver request in the fall.

Is the health center in network with my private insurance plan?
No. We don’t bill any insurance companies. Any charges not covered by the student health center fee must be paid at the time of service. However, we can provide you with a detailed invoice that can be turned into your insurance company as a claim.

I’m graduating soon. What will happen to my health coverage?
Your USC student health insurance plan coverage ceases shortly after graduation. Please visit the For Graduating Students page for detailed information regarding your various options.

If I waived my student health insurance last year, do I need to do it again?
Yes, you must request a waiver once a year in the fall semester. Waivers submitted in the fall are good for the entire academic year. Waivers submitted in the spring are only good for the spring/summer term.

Are there vision and dental services included in the student health plan?
Students are enrolled in the vision plan when they sign up for the USC Student Health Insurance Plan. USC Roski Eye Institute is your provider for quality vision care.

Students have the option to enroll in the Delta Dental PPO plan as an option if dental insurance is needed. Please visit the Health Insurance on the forms page. The deadline for enrolling in the dental plan is the same as the add/drop day of the fall semester.


How do I request a copy of my health records?
To obtain a copy of your medical record, you must complete and sign an Authorization Form for Release of Medical Records. It will take 5 business days to process your request. You may visit the Health Information Management Department on the Lower Level of the health center. Or, you may fax the form to (213) 740-4961.

I’ve noticed there are student employees at the health center. Will they have access to my records?
All medical records are kept strictly confidential. Student workers do not have access to our electronic medical records. Additionally, all employees, volunteers, and student-workers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and adhere to our high privacy and security standards.

Do my parents have access to my medical records?
No. The Engemann Student Health Center is committed to protecting the privacy of your health information. No one is authorized to see your medical record without your written authorization if you are over 18 years of age, according to the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (CIMA). Exceptions to this include: medical emergencies, utilization review, quality assurance activities, court order or subpoena, and licensing and accreditation of the facility. For more information see California Civil Code 56.10. If you would like your parents to have access to your medical information, you can fill out a form.

When I receive a bill from the health center, does it list the services I had?
No, when you see your bill, the service will be listed as a health center charge.


I am doing a class project and need to interview someone at Engemann. How can I do this?
To interview one of our staff members for a class project, please send an email two weeks in advance with appropriate information to Our marketing department will work to accommodate your request and discuss possible interview times. Please note, absolutely no filming is allowed in the Engemann Student Health Center.


Where is the closest pharmacy?
Two pharmacies can be located on the UPC campus, and one on HSC. Please visit the USC Pharmacies page to choose the best pharmacy for you.

USC Health Center Pharmacy (UPC)
1150 W Jefferson Blvd #150
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Phone: (213) 821-6100

USC Pharmacy (UPC)
Gwynn Wilson Student Union
3610 Trousdale Parkway #101
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Phone: (213) 740-2738

Medical Plaza Pharmacy (HSC)
1510 San Pablo St #144
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Phone: (323) 442-5770

What are the pharmacy hours of operation?
Pharmacy hours vary throughout the year, please visit the pharmacy website for current hours.


Are all services at the student health center free when you pay the student health fee?
Your student health fee covers most medical services at the Engemann Student Health Center; however, there are some additional fees described on our Price List. If you have any questions regarding cost and services, please contact Cashier Services.

Who is eligible for student health services?
Any student who has paid the student health fee is eligible for services. UPC or HSC campus students taking 6 units or more is automatically charged the fee.


Where are you located?
Engemann Student Health Center
1031 West 34th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90089-3261
For directions please visit our campus map and type in ESH or Engemann Student Health Center.
*The student health center is in close proximity to the Lyon Center and Fluor Tower. Also near the Jefferson Parking Structure.

What are your hours?
Monday-Thursday: 8:30am-5:00pm
(Open until 7:00pm for urgent medical issues)
Friday: 9:30am-4:30pm

Weekend Clinic: (open for urgent medical issues)
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am-2:00pm (only open weekends during the Fall and Spring semesters).

Please visit our Hours page for additional information.
Only Lab and Radiology operate the same hours that the clinic is open. Other department hours may vary.
Hours may vary depending on the school calendar and university holidays.

Where can I park when I visit the health center?
There is no designated parking area for the student health center. Normal campus parking rules apply.

How do I contact or communicate with my doctor?
You can message your clinician directly through MySHR.

How do I contact a nurse?
You can message a nurse directly through MySHR.

How can I obtain my lab results?
To obtain your lab results, send a message to your clinician requesting the results through MySHR.


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